A Reflective Essay

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‘Crack open a window, the smoke alarm’s gonna go off!’ said Daisy. Those words are like music to my ears. They provide comfort. They trigger my brain to set off that much needed hit of dopamine at the end of a chaotic week. Well, it's either that exclamation or the intoxicating smell of turkey bacon crackling on the frying pan!

I always intended for ‘Sunday brunchies’ (as my friends now refer to it) to evolve into a weekly tradition. But I never expected that I would form such a severe attachment that the prospect of possibly skipping a week…

Vegan teacher or dictator?

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That vegan teacher on TikTok is someone whom I once looked up to. Miss Kadie — a primary school teacher turned self-proclaimed animal rights activist first emerged onto the platform in 2020 — after being encouraged by her friends who said:

‘This is a really great platform for you Kadie (that vegan teacher) since you care so deeply about animals and you love to sing as well!’

For those of you who are unaware, @thatveganteacher is a creator on TikTok who advocates for the rights of animals.

As her username suggests, her primary focus is on promoting a vegan diet.

Lori Loughlin isn't the only one

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The cut-throat world of college admissions is uniquely American. The systems in place have turned it into a multi-billion dollar industry that perpetuates a cycle of debt.

The entire process of college admissions heavily favours those from wealthy backgrounds — however, the wealthier a student is the lesser benefit gained from attending said institution.

A 2014 analytical study by economists, Stacy Dale and Alan Krueger explored the benefits of attending a highly selective college.

They found that, after statistically controlling students’ SAT scores, economic background and college ambitions, the long-term financial returns are “generally indistinguishable from zero.”

Students who are…

Your Possessions Own You

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When I used to think of minimalism, my brain would always conjure up an image of a white canvas with a few specs of paint, or the newest collection of some designer selling a white tee-shirt for $100. But as I entered the decluttering phase of coronavirus induced lockdown, I began to consider what it means to adopt minimalism as a lifestyle.

Being the self-aware individual I claim to be, I know that in the past I have had a shopping problem. I love buying things. Things make me happy. for that reason, I identified as a so-called shopaholic for…

Some prices are too good to be true!

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On Friday 29th November 2020, British online retailer Pretty Little Thing came under fire for selling clothing for less than £1 during their Black Friday sale online.

Twitter was set ablaze with fury over the retailers’ astronomically low prices. Dubbed ‘Pink Friday’ by the brand, the sale has become the center of controversy — sparking a conversation about how such brands can pay their workers or turn a profit with such low prices!

A spokesperson for Pretty Little Thing says,

“As part of our Black Friday campaign, we are offering customers in the UK 99% off selected lines while stock…

‘Bring back manly men!’

Photographed by Tyler Mitchell, Vogue, December 2020

On the 13th of November 2020, it was announced that former One direction member and British pop singer, Harry styles would grace the cover of Vogue magazine for its December issue. This was seen as a major breakthrough for the magazine as Harry is their soon to be first ever solo-male cover star. Images show Styles wearing a ruffled Gucci ballgown, under a velvet jacket, inflating a balloon.The news about Styles being on the cover was met with massive amounts of praise for his gender non-conforming dressing. …

Her Ambition is Inspiring

Pool photo by Steven Hirsch

Anna Delvy popped on to the New York party scene in 2016. She frequented some of New York’s most elite establishments. Her taste was impeccable — and hence, expensive.
She was known to often tip in $100 bills for things people don’t even usually tip for! The strange thing was, she was dripping in cash, and that’s all anyone knew about her!

Who is she?

Contrary to what popular conspiracy theories suggest, Anna Delvy was not the heir to a billion-dollar Russian oil business. Quite the opposite. She was a con-artist. The only thing she was entitled to was jail time.

How it started?

Anna had…

All your friends could be imposters


Reminiscent of the mobile gaming stage of coronavirus induced quarantine, ‘Among us’ seeks to capture an audience of teenagers and adults alike.

The games was concieved by three developers who work for a company called ‘InnerSloth’. One of the games 3 developers Amy Liu told Kotaku,

Among Us was inspired by the poplar 1986 party game Mafia, aka Werewolf.

The game initially struggled as an obscure gaming experience that only a few people knew about, despite using and enhancing Mafia’s successful formula. …

Zo Sajjad

writer, actor, poet, dramatic human. he/him -ig @zohaibsajjjad

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